Harper looks after his own

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Here's a beautiful medal for you

Our gold medallists...

Everyone knows how much Stephen Harper loves his Queen -- Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

He has put up pictures and paintings of her in Canadian embassies and consulates around the world, and has brought her and her family to Canada four times in four years.

Harper tapped into our pockets for $ 6 million this year to celebrate the 60th anniversary of her reign and had 60 000 medals struck to be awarded to Canadians who have done "services for Canada."

It's not been explained exactly what these "services" might be or who are the recipients.

In the good old Harper style everything has been kept secret.

If you didn't get a medal, you don't need to ask.

Except that the other day in Ottawa the news leaked out that one of the 60,000 recipients is Jenni Byrne, campaign director for the Harper Conservatives in the 2011 election.

What could the good lady Byrne have possibly done that rates a medal except maybe get elected Harper?

Was that really a "service" in Canada?

Some might say getting Harper elected rather falls under the heading of "doing harm" to Canada.

Oh well, her medal is awfully nice. We hope she enjoys it.

Harper does know how to take care of his own.


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